Dear Friends!

Putting the love of God into action…………….
City of Faith Child care center is dedicated to help the disadvantaged children. Years of civil turmoil and economic collapse has left Uganda one of the poorest countries in the world and an AIDS epidemic that has left 1.9 million children orphaned.
The future as we all know, is in our children and Uganda is facing the loss of an entire generation of her people the consequence of which she may never recover
The future of these children is our heart beat…..and though we often tell them that God loves them, we must show them God’s love with a hot meal, a change of clothes, a safe place for sleeping, a listening ear and a warm hand on a trembling shoulder.
It was established in 2011, City of Faith initially spearheaded to improve the lives of the needy children. As the time went on the mission was broadened to include direct welfare of these disadvantaged children and the HIV/AIDS orphans by providing for their basic needs and funding their education.

The school is faced with the problem of providing education and caring for these needy children in the area due to lack of funds to provide personal requirements and instructional materials.
The school intends to initiate an income generating project from which reserves can be realized to cater for continued development and furthering of progress.
The planned activities include the following:
  • To positively influence pupils’ attitude towards the fear of God by holding regular services at school in order to bring up God fearing people.
  • Initiate income generating activities of the school for demonstration and profit maximization.
  • Consolidate the existing children and parents and to lobby for more.
  • Integrate the school program with community needs e.g. Children to volunteer in community welfare and vice versa.
  • Boost sports and games activities by putting up competitions in different sports and games i.e. Music, Dance & Drama, Scouting, Football and Netball e.t.c.
  • To provide function education and literacy to young people i.e. Reading, writing, nutrition, politics, modern farming methods and Health related issues.

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