Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to join me as a partner in the CITY OF FAITH CHILD CARE CENTER Ministry. The City of Faith Child Care Ministry is dedicated to help the disadvantaged children especially the AIDS orphans and their families in Uganda, Africa to overcome poverty and hopelessness.

The Ministry was formed to respond to the increasingly needs of the AIDS orphans [ Children whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS] in my country Uganda. We realized that the children’s plight needed an argent attention and we could not just stand aloof and pity or sympathize with them , but must be helped in attaining their full human dignity.

As you are aware , AIDS continue to have far greater impact on Africa than any other continent, and Uganda is No exception. Though Uganda has some promising results on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, its impact has taken away a generation of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and friends. A new generation of innocent orphans is left behind with no one to fend for them. The Ugandan extended family system, like many developing countries, has been the core support provider for orphans, but AIDS, combined with other social and economic pressures has pushed the extended family system to breaking point especially in the worst affected communities here in Uganda.

Most of our children are AIDS orphans, many come from one-parent families and some come as [ Street children] , abandoned and abused, with so many needs. Poverty, illiteracy, neglect, emotional scar and poor health are common problems. We are providing long-term care for these children right from their homes where they live with their guardians, raising them to be contributing members of their own society.

The future of these children is our heart beat… And just telling these poor kids,… God loves you, may not make sense to them until we show them God’s love with a hot meal, change of clothes, safe place to sleep, a listening ear and a warm hand on a trembling shoulder and of course above all giving them a chance to constructive future through educational training. It is for that reason that am inviting you to partner with us to help these children and bring hope and long lasting smile on the faces of these children. We will be very glad to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours on behalf of the needy and neglect children of Uganda.





  1. Pastor Frank is truly a passionate Soul Winner for Jesus Christ, who loves Jesus and who loves reaching out and helping to change the lives of those around him who are less fortunate through this ministry. Pastor Ssentongo is a dedicated man of God that truly loves JESUS, his wife & family, and those under his care. His leadership skills are outstanding and his desire to help the children of Uganda to grow into responsible adults with skills that they can have for life is REAL!!!

    • Am so much blessed Dear friend my the almighty God bless you for your care, please don’t give up continue and as you keep the fire burning until our children reach and have a sustainable life hence to have a smile.

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