Child Care Program.


City of Faith envisions all orphaned and needy children realizing their dreams while living a healthy and a happy life hence to have a smile.


City of Faith is a Christ centered. We strongly and constantly focus on Jesus Christ and his mandate to us as believers. [ For I was hungry and you fed me,, I was thirsty and you gave a drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in your home, I was naked and you clothed me , I was sick and you cared for me ] Mathew 25:35-36

Christ’s love is our driving force as we reach out to help the needy children.

With this mission in mind , a five year strategic plan for the period of 2011-2016 will be actively put into action.

In addition to the felt needs , City of Faith will act as a training institution to the children of the nation and entire community.

The school is located in sub-rural, mult- tribe area of habitants with different customs brought together by community needs and aspirations. The majority of the inhabitants are low income earners to whom the cost of living is high and can not afford the basic needs in life since they are engaged in petty substance activities like petty trading of food staffs and peasantry.

The climate is moderate since it is near the lake and experiences both warm and cool temperatures.

There  are about 4-6 school going children per family. The morality rate is high due to poor nutrition and health care services which are costly and un affordable by most of parents and guardians.

Most children are living in hunger-anguish and absolute poverty due to lack of sufficient home income and diseases like H.I.V/ AIDS.

Many children are un able to receive Education due to lack of school fees and end up going to the streets as beggars, thieves, and prostitutes at a tender age. [Juvenile delinquents]. The school currently survives on the small collections from parents and guardians


v  To foster all around development of the child’s mental abilities and social skills from birth to adult hood , with a supportive family and community environment.

v  To expand the necessary services to vulnerable children such as orphans and needy.

v  To provide scholarships to needy children and orphans with a view of helping them to exploit their potential so as to become responsible citizens and productive.

v  To ensure that with in the social environment all orphans & needy children enjoy equal rights to development opportunities as do male and are freed from all discriminations.

v  To contribute to the national effort to promote health and prevent/control and manage the most common health problems of needy and orphaned children.


The program is aimed at directly helping these children to have a better future in the essence to get education and imparted with practical skills. These will be identified by the school management on recommendation by local leaders. We pray that more will be considered with time according to the little sponsorship we have.

Other beneficiaries including the following:-

  • The parents and guardians who have children submitted to this school.
  • The teachers their condition of leaving is going to improve as another source of income opens.
  • All children at school will be using scholastic material bought from these funds.
  • The community around the school will also benefit from the products materials and services got from the school.
  • The school administration which will be running smoothly using these funds from our generating income.



Perhaps one of the most important aspects of City of Faith Is the child sponsorship program; As of February, 2011, The City of Faith had 110 children in the C.S.P. These are the children who receive an education because the school fees are lowered and are being donated by some caring, lovely and well-wishers from the community

Every child in the CSP, there are sixty five (65)ho are left without help, and that is just in Lukwanga village alone. While the cost of a child’s Education is just $ 20 per month. The annual income in Uganda is just $ 240 per year; for a widow with several children, $ 20 a month is just too much.

Child Care& Support:Including the provision of school education and ensuring that children have a protective and loving environment in which to grow and develop.

Health Care: To provide home based care for people suffering the effect of AIDS and improve the health of the wider community.

Child counseling: Providing support to children undergoing through stress or abuse at home.




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