Director’s Note


I am passionate about helping people discover, create and live the life of their dreams. I believe that every individual possess something great inside them and it is the duty of all mankind to respect, honor and cherish that. I want to impact the lives of others through kind words, deeds and actions. The legacy I wish to leave behind is an expression of God’s true grace, love and compassion and understanding. The greatest gift I can leave behind is to know that I made a difference in a person’s life by encouraging and supporting them in being the best person they could be and that i served my fellow man.


Frank is also the Founder, CEO and Director of the City of Faith Child Care ministry, a Christian Non Governmental Organization whose main mission is to help disadvantaged children to have a sustainable and constructive future and to help their families overcome poverty and hopelessness. They do this by providing sponsorship to children and help initiate income generating projects for their families.

The Pastor
Heart to Heart Celebration Center

Frank is a visionary leader with an insightful awareness of what people need to succeed and how he can empower them for success. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 17 years old and right after his conversion, he became very active and zealous for the work of the Lord. Frank has been under the pastoral
leadership and mentor ship of Rev. John Mark Kiyaga, with the Redeemed Life Church here in Uganda.

He has been in the ministry for the last 15 years. Pastor Frank, preacher, motivator and entrepreneur has influenced thousands of
people lives across the Globe. He has a remarkable gift for deeply touching the hearts and souls of those who need to hear the spiritual truth in practical terms.

He is the Founder of the Heart to Heart Outreach Ministry -Uganda, a ministry reaching out to many souls across the Globe and which is also the umbrella cover for Heart to Heart Celebration Center the church where Frank is the senior Pastor


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