Dear friend,I would like to introduce to you the Heart to Heart Outreach Ministry-Uganda




The Heart to Heart Outreach ministry is located at Heart to Heart Celebration Center in Bukasa–Sentema Road, Wakiso, Division, Wakiso District. The H.H.O.M runs the Community Seed Project. The H.H.O.M is in partnership  between the local communities  and other well wishers. The CSP came out of the need to address the youth and other disadvantaged children or hopelessness youth’s education and training.


H.H.O.M we teach youth how to win in life. Life can be challenging. We do not have to go very  far to find someone who is having difficult  overcoming life’s problems.


The scriptures call life a race, “Don’t you know that those who run in a race all run … run in such a way that you may win”.

 Like it or not, we are all running a race, we are all busy, and at times our lives can get out of control. The H.H.O.M. We believe God has made provision for us to regain control of our lives. Our heavenly father has provided us all we need through the Holy Spirit and the word of God to win in this race called life.



Ever feel lost in a crowd? Ever wished someone would just listen? Do you believe life is more than saying the occasional “Hi” or “What is up”?  We do. We all have a need inside for someone to truly “know us” and to know others in a real way.


That’s why the H.H.OM exist, to help you go beyond the surface. We want you to go to the next level and lock in with great fiends that   are going your direction towards God.



Is to make a positive impact upon the youth  by creating a city wide family centre in which all are welcome, a place where all youth and individuals can grow and flourish  in faith and discover God’s plan for their lives.



The H.H.O.M is to encourage you, to build your faith, to better equip you so you can live a victorious life  – a soaring life here and now (Isaiah 40:31).

We believed God has made you a winner through Jesus Christ all you need is to be reminded.



o      To develop a generation of the youth with knowledge, skills and experience in transformation and development.

o      To provide scholarship to needy and orphans with a view of helping them to exploit their potentials so as to become responsible citizens and productive.

o      To train and deal in the art of tailoring, brick laying, carpentry, agriculture, poultry, animal husbandry and mixed farming.

o      To undertake to initiate  rural  development projects and promote, the same such as schools hospitals, health centers, orphanages, sanctuaries farms, maize mill and other commercial  enterprises which  are not in comparative with the aims/objectives and spirit of the ministry.

o      To cultivate  and encourage the spirit of mutual understanding, education and self help advancements among the youths  and to raise money by donation, contributions or any lawful manner to be used  in connection with any of the objectives of the youths.

o      To export, sell produce, manufacturers, handicrafts, general merchandise, farm inputs and things capable of being used in connection with any of such business.

o      To form up buying groups that will enable the individuals, helpless youth get their actual needs for their daily living out a reasonable prices e.g. buying essential and distributed among themselves and enable youth unite.

o      To raise youth’s economical educational and social standards of their areas.

o      Voluntarily to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects undertaking by youth which may  be necessary  and identified by the ministry at local levels.

o      To assist  youth to engage in poultry, piggery, farming  and small cottage industries with the sole objective of uplifting their standards of the ministry.


Pastor Ssentongo Frank is a visionary leader with an insightful awareness of what people need to succeed and how he can empower them for success. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 17 years old and right after his confession, he became very active and zealous for the work of the Lord. Pr. Frank has been in the leadership and mentor ship of Rev. John Mark Kiyaga with the Redeemed Life Church-Uganda. He has been in the ministry for 15 years. Sentongo Frank a preacher and motivator  has influenced thousands of peoples lives across Uganda.

He has a remarkable gift for deeply  touching the hearts and souls of those who  need to hear the spiritual truth.

He is the founder of the Heart to Heart Outreach Ministry-Uganda a ministry reaching out to many souls of people in Uganda and which is also the umbrella cover for Heart to Heart Celebration Center the church where Frank is the Senior Pastor.


Frank is the President C.E.O and Founder of the CITY OF FAITH CHILD CARE CENTRE a Christian non profit  organization whose main mission is help disadvantaged children to have a sustainable and constructive future and to help their families overcome poverty and hopeless. They  do this by providing sponsorship to children and help initiate income generating projects for their families.


Frank is married to Joan and God has blessed them with TWO Biological daughters called Namuli Favour  Sentongo and Nagawa Prosper. Frank is also a father of more than 67 orphans whom he takes care of through his organization the CITY OF FAITH CHILD CARE CENTRE.



The H.H.O.M provides many ways for you to “get connected” with fellow youths to form meaningful, lasting relationships and receive the personal encouragement, support and prayers, that every  youth needs. Here is how you can get connected to the H.H.O.M.



Serving with others is one of the best way to get to know people and build valuable relationship. As H.H.O.M our desire is for you to live a victorious life of purpose fulfillment, and joy. We want you to discover and experience the new life for you! And we strongly believe that one of the many roads to this life is through service. Our service team ministry (STM) provides many exciting and rewarding opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally, serve others and build valuable  relationships through ministry. Teams of STM volunteers serve each weekend during the worship service of their choice. Whether  you pretend to be upfront or behind the scenes we have the perfect place for you.

Take a look at some our exciting service opportunities and then sign up, for more information please contact service team ministries.


The Greeters Ministry provides a come to all

1.                 Greeters ministry

2.                 Ushers             “

3.                 Information Center Ministry

4.                 Children’s Ministry

5.                 Teen life Ministry

6.                 Youth Life Ministry

7.                 Home Cells Ministry

8.                 Outreach ministry

9.                 Music and Worship ministry

10.            Music ministry mission

11.            Creative Arts and Drama ministry

12.            Care and Prayer

13.            Broadcasting

14.            Community Seed Project

15.            Mercy Ministry

 1.       GREETERS

The Greeters Ministry provides a warm welcome to all members and visitors before worship services at H.H.O.M and Heart to Heart Celebration Centre events.

Greeters are stationed at sanctuary entrances to offer smiles and handshakes or hugs, to give directions and to distribute bulletins and designated materials.

 2.       USHERS

The Ushers ministry is responsible for helping, to provide a welcoming and orderly environment during the worship services. Ushers assist with seating, receiving offerings, serving communion, auditorium set up for any youth events or services and responding to emergencies.


The information center ministry provides assistance and information to worshippers before and after services and other events. Information center volunteers are stationed at information table behind the church auditorium to answer questions, to give  directions and to distribute designated materials.


Children’s ministry is a place where children can have a great big life with a great big God. A place where faith, imagination and learning go hand in hand. A place where loving God is cool and children feel the peace that comes with God’s presence! Children’s Life ministry of Heart to Heart Celebration Center serves infants from the age of 3 years through 12 years old.  

Building  a child’s life starts at a very early age. The beginning stages of spiritual development are learning blocks that can help children discover early on how much God loves them. H.H.O.M in conjunction with Heart to Heart Celebration Center is currently looking into the possibilities of starting up the nursery school to give children the nursery school to give children the opportunity to grow in a loving caring environment that teaches life lessons in a biblical model. However, in the mean time, the Children Life Ministry is done through the church during our weekly Sunday services.

 At children’s Life Ministry we try to create settings that not only enable strong spiritual  growth, but strong friendships with other children. Every week will be a new fun and  creative  experience designed just for kids  as they grow in their walk with God.


Teen Life Ministry designed to reach out to the teens of age between 13 years through 16 years of age. A leadership program me designed to provide children’s ministry. Experience as well as developing them into high impact leaders in multiple facts of ministry.

Some youth will be assigned to a specific area in the children’s ministry wher they will be mentored and trained in everything from drama, music, teaching a small group, media and so much more. You will participate in discipleship evangelism training class that will introduce 12 leadership tools for becoming a dynamic leader.


Ever feel lost in a crowd? Ever wished someone would just listen. Do you believe life is more than saying the occasional “Hi” or “what is up”? We do. We all have a need inside for someone to truly “know us” and to know others in a real way. That is why youth life groups exist, to help you go beyond  the surface. We want you to go to the next level and lock in with great friends that are going your direction towards and youth life groups are made up of youth just like you. Show up at a youth life group (H.H.C.C) and you will launch eat, have some fun meet some new people and talk through God’s word.


The H.H.C.C music and worship as somebody  unified in spirit and with a heart  of purity, purpose to glorify, God to humbly serve him in a spirit  of excellence as ministers of music, hope and agape love…. To lead others into his divine presence through thanks giving, praise and worship.


To inspire, encourage, train and direct those whom God has called into the Music Ministry with a spirit of service, excellence, sensitivity, purity, humility and strength.


The creative arts and drama ministry is here to support and enhance all the ministries of  H.H.C.C  with quality dramatic, video and musical production. Our goal is to make available to these ministries the same high level of artistic excellence that is experienced in our worship services.

 We are blessed to have an artistic community of talented youths who worship  the Lord  whole heartedly  an love to serve. Whether through drama,  dance,  video or other media, the creative  arts ministry is designed to provide opportunities of service where artists can minister to each other to the church, and to the community.


If you are an experienced professional in the creative arts and want to contribute your time and talents to help us, please your welcome.

We are always looking for volunteers who truly enjoy their work and would love to serve the Lord in the Heart to Heart Outreach Ministry at Heart to Heart Celebration Centre with their talents.


The H.H.O.M provides counseling to people who are dealing with personal life challenges. The pastoral counseling team is dedicated to providing a compassionate listening ear and sound Biblical advice.

Appointment are available at any time. Pastoral counseling sessions usually lasts about 45 minutes and are free of charge.


“Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church and let them prayer over him, anoint hi with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will serve the sick, and the lord will raise him up”.

The hospital and nursing home is committed to ministering the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Our dedicated volunteers bring encouragement, prayers of faith and the healing  touch of  Christ  to those who are hospitalized, home bound or reside in residential  care facilities.


Pastoral counseling is a confidentiality meeting of two or more people in which a Pastoral counselor listens to the counselee describe a personal or family life challenge while the pastoral counselor gives empathy, hope, encouragement, prayer and advice based on wisdom from the bible.

 A pastoral counseling session is conducted in one hour time period. The pastoral counselor  spends that time listening, asking questions  and giving advice intended to  help  the counselor resolve the challenge they are having. The pastoral counselor uses prayer and a scripture to welcome God’s presence into the healing process.

 Sometimes one session is all that is needed while other times the pastoral counselor suggests a series  of 3-0 follow up  sessions. Because  pastoral counseling is only one part of the overall  ministry to individuals and families  at H.H.C.C counselors are encouraged to participate in weekly worship services, Bible studies, seminars and other  fellowships at Heart to Heart Celebration Center or in the church activities in order to achieve the maximum benefit  from pastoral  counseling. Some of situations in which  you can helped include premarital, discouragement, grief and loss, loneliness, marital preparation, marriage problems, struggle with sin, anger, Christian, discipline, faith, fear, self esteem, etc.

 Frank Ssentongo is also a Director/Founder of the LIFE TOUCH DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION. [LITODO] with a vision to enhance individuals and community development.



  1. “Heart to Heart World Evangelist Outreach” in Folsom, Ca, & Evangelist Thomas Drzemala is now joined together with “Heart to Heart Ministries in Uganda” led by Pastor Frank Ssentongo at the “Heart to Heart Celebration Centre” in Kampala reaching out to those in this world living in Uganda for JESUS CHRIST to be GLORIFIED in EVERY HEART & LIFE as we EXALT HIS NAME TOGETHER. May this MINISTRY BRING GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST, OUR KING, ALWAYS, and MAY ALL THAT WE DO, SAY, OR THINK BRING GREAT GLORY TO OUR KING. LET US LOVE HIM AS HE DESERVES TO BE LOVED AND DESIRES TO BE LOVED ALWAYS!!!

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