Planning Network


City of Faith Child Care Centre has also strateged to develop & construct of the orphanage centre after purchasing Ten acres  of land. As you are aware , across Africa, families have been fractured by wars and AIDS epidemic resulting in the tradition kinship support  network being stretched to the breaking point often widows and orphans are left to fend for themselves and with barely enough resources to live on and Uganda in no exception . Therefore in response to this need, City of Faith adopt the concept of developing & constructing the orphanage center to give children who have lost both parents a permanent home and stable environment. The year 2011-2016 will be a momentous years for us, while We are still faced with a great number of challenges especially in the face of social economic changes in the country which have had a diverse effects on children& their families. I still encourage my staff& volunteers  to keep laboring knowing that your labor in is not in vain [ Heb 6:10]. This realization leads to mutual understanding and now friendships.

I ask you to join us in our effort to wage peace and promote justice & love for one’s neighbor. It is in our interest of our children and our grand children to ensure a more just, peaceful and secure world. Until they all achieve a sustainable future


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